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New Day, New Life [downtempo / electronica mix]

Finally got around to finishing a new mix with some of the new sounds I’ve been enjoying this year. Produced using Ableton Live (mixing, effects, edits and sampling). New Day, New Life Tracklist: 1. Cafe Royale – Back To Life 2. After In Paris – Favela Love 3. Beroshima & Ulrich Schnauss – Feuer In […]

New Artist Album Released: Electric Symphony (Free Download & Streaming links)

Download options / streaming links & tracklist after the jump. It’s been over a year since I released my previous album “Untold Story” …but even before that I started working on this new project “Electric Symphony.” Been working on the tracks on this album for about 2.5 years and finally was able to get to a point […]

New Downtempo Mix – Never Forget You

Finished a new downtempo mix to get you through those summer days. Production, effects, sampling & mixing using Ableton Live. Right click and choose save as to download here. I’m testing MixCloud for streaming new mixes since SoundCloud is being mix hostile these days (here’s what happened if you really care). If you want to stream this […]

New Mix – The Awakening

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a new mix, so the past few weekends I’ve been exploring some fresh sounds / artists to create something new. If you have enjoyed my previous mixes you’ll like this one too. Created in Ableton. Plenty of re-edits, FX and vocals / samples added for good measure. You can download high quality mp3 […]

New Artist Album for 2014: “Untold Story” Released Free Under Creative Commons

After 2 years of work, I’m excited to have completed a new artist album to share with you (my newest since What If published in 2012). This is my 5th album and is titled Untold Story: 16 songs, ~78 minutes. I tried to bring a balance between my favorite elements of downtempo, jazz and even hints […]

New Mix To Bring In 2014: Prelude To A New Year

I always like to bring in the new year with a new mix. While I’ve been heads-down on finishing my next original artist album, I found it helpful last weekend to get out of my own production work and tell a story using compositions from some peers I respect. Without further adieu, I’m hoping you’ll […]

New Electronica / Downtempo Mix – Between The Waves

Just finished a new mix of a varied selection of new downtempo / electronica tracks I’m enjoying lately. Mostly new releases for 2013 but a few older tunes I just discovered too. Lots of samples, effects and other fun stuff added via Ableton. You can listen to it on Soundcloud. Or if you want a download: […]

Fresh Mix To Kickoff 2013: “New Beginning”

I usually try and create a new mix right around the new year to share some of the new artists I’ve discovered with friends. I set aside the first day of 2013 to do just that — and found some amazing releases on Beatport that just begged to be mixed. It’s in my usual downtempo […]

New Artist Album “What If” Now Available As Free Download

After ~3 years since releasing my previous album Gradient Sound, I’m excited to have finally completed a new one (my 4th). It’s titled “What If” and it’s available as a free mp3 download (15 original tracks). If you haven’t heard any of my other productions, my style sits somewhere between electronica, downtempo and melodic. If that’s […]

New Downtempo Mix – Let It Go

Long time, no new mixes…so past time to share one. Here’s a fun one I cooked up in Ableton of some of the artists I’ve been enjoying lately. Feel free to pass along. Click here to download high quality mp3. Tracklist: 1. Sileni – Random Intro 2. Shiloh – Will U Ever Come Around 3. […]