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New Mix – The Awakening

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a new mix, so the past few weekends I’ve been exploring some fresh sounds / artists to create something new. If you have enjoyed my previous mixes you’ll like this one too. Created in Ableton. Plenty of re-edits, FX and vocals / samples added for good measure. You can download high quality mp3 […]

New Artist Album for 2014: “Untold Story” Released Free Under Creative Commons

After 2 years of work, I’m excited to have completed a new artist album to share with you (my newest since What If published in 2012). This is my 5th album and is titled Untold Story: 16 songs, ~78 minutes. I tried to bring a balance between my favorite elements of downtempo, jazz and even hints […]

New Mix To Bring In 2014: Prelude To A New Year

I always like to bring in the new year with a new mix. While I’ve been heads-down on finishing my next original artist album, I found it helpful last weekend to get out of my own production work and tell a story using compositions from some peers I respect. Without further adieu, I’m hoping you’ll […]

New Electronica / Downtempo Mix – Between The Waves

Just finished a new mix of a varied selection of new downtempo / electronica tracks I’m enjoying lately. Mostly new releases for 2013 but a few older tunes I just discovered too. Lots of samples, effects and other fun stuff added via Ableton. You can listen to it on Soundcloud. Or if you want a download: […]

Fresh Mix To Kickoff 2013: “New Beginning”

I usually try and create a new mix right around the new year to share some of the new artists I’ve discovered with friends. I set aside the first day of 2013 to do just that — and found some amazing releases on Beatport that just begged to be mixed. It’s in my usual downtempo […]

New Artist Album “What If” Now Available As Free Download

After ~3 years since releasing my previous album Gradient Sound, I’m excited to have finally completed a new one (my 4th). It’s titled “What If” and it’s available as a free mp3 download (15 original tracks). If you haven’t heard any of my other productions, my style sits somewhere between electronica, downtempo and melodic. If that’s […]

New Downtempo Mix – Let It Go

Long time, no new mixes…so past time to share one. Here’s a fun one I cooked up in Ableton of some of the artists I’ve been enjoying lately. Feel free to pass along. Click here to download high quality mp3. Tracklist: 1. Sileni – Random Intro 2. Shiloh – Will U Ever Come Around 3. […]

Best Of Compilation: 2004 – 2010

I’ve put together a “best of” compilation of 10 of my favorite productions from 2004 – 2010 to share my art with some new audiences.  This is a good starting point if you’re new to my music.  Hope you enjoy.  (more detail about this mix on my other blog). Click here to download – Adam […]

New Mix – Flicker Of The Future

Trying something different today – posted my latest mix to my marketing blog. Check out the social media mixtape.  Or just grab it below. Download: Adam Singer – Flicker of the Future Tracklist: 1. Trentemøller – While The Cold Winter Waiting 2. Frou Frou – Flicks 3. Ulrich Schnauss – Nothing Happens In June 4. […]

Listening to: ASIP exclusive Ulrich Schnauss mix

I take a lot of inspiration from Ulrich Schnauss in my audio production.  I get something new out of his work every time I listen – one of my favorite artists for sure. So today I wanted to share something of his with you – Ulrich created an exclusive mix for an ambient blogger, and […]