Music Downloads (Free Under Creative Commons)

This page is for full album downloads as free mp3s. If you want to hear quick samples of my projects check SoundCloud

All music on this page is 100% free to download, listen, share or remix and is licensed under a creative commons license (more details at the bottom of this page).  The only stipulations are you must provide attribution for any use of my work when using in your art projects, movies, remixes, etc.

Artist albums

Unmixed albums of original productions – these are my most recent works as an electronic musician. You can download them free via the links below (high quality wav & mp3 files) or if you’d prefer to stream my albums are all on SoundCloud here to listen right in your browser which is a good way to sample them before you download. Follow all links for free download instructions.

Electric Symphony (Released 7/19/2015, my latest work as an artist).


Untold Story (2014)

Untold Story art

What If (2012)


Gradient Sound (2009)


Lifeforce (2007)


Drifting (2006) stream here on SoundCloud or download here.


Mixes / produced sets

These are sets all mixed live by me, using a diverse selection of music by various electronic music artists.  They were all mixed on a combination of 2 turntables, 2 CDJs as well as audio FX thrown in by Ableton Live (mostly now just with Ableton). Follow all links for free download instructions.

Never Forget You

Downtempo / chillout mix: July, 2015

Walking Down San Francisco

Something different, completed October, 2014

The Awakening

Summery mix for June, 2014

Prelude To A New Year

Bringing in 2014 with something a bit different. Start the new year on an uplifting note.

Between The Waves

Another for 2013, 20 tracks in under 80 minutes. I usually only do 14-15 but wanted to see if I could slice / dice and get more in purely as personal challenge.

Another Tomorrow

Selection of creative electronica, downtempo and ambient, second mix of 2013.

New Beginning

Downtempo mix to kickoff 2013. A bit eclectic track selection but I think it works.

Everything below this line is directly linked to the set – just right click & choose ‘save as’ to download.

Silent Distance

Electronica/chill out/ambient stuff from early 2000’s to a few recent releases.  Features tunes from Tycho, Lusine, Ulrich Schnauss, John Beltran, Shiloh, Spiral System, Thievery Corporation and more.

Flicker of the Future

Downtempo mix composing an eclectic selection of tracks – some old, some new.  Lots of jazzy/melodic downtempo and chill out.  See more details and tracklisting here.

Static Ocean

This is a DJ mix that I crafted in 2004 which navigates through several genres/styles of music, yet maintain a seamless flow of sound and key. Alot of moodsetters before it really begins to open up.


Part of a live set I played at Vibe Nightclub in Gainesville, Fla. — closing set from a resident night in 2003…really melodic stuff


This is an older mix (from 2003) with some of my favorite melodic progressive tracks. Should evoke some nostalgia…

The Sound of Possibility

A combination of many different ‘progressive’ sounds (2004) – starts with some groovy tech house, and twists/turns through a darker, deeper tunnel and finally emerging into some beautiful melodic compositions.

Live in the mix with DJ Fade

My friend Kevin (aka DJ Fade) and I used to mix up 3 records each and go back and forth until we had a CD worth of tracks.  More fun than archiving vinyl for sure.  The mix is a bit rough here compared to my usual standards but the track selection/flow is enjoyable.  Recently dugg this out of the archives, it’s from the start of 2003.

Artist mixes

Mixed albums of original productions – these are mix-ups just for fun of some of my project tracks.  I don’t produce in this style anymore but if you’re interested in some of my earlier original productions, these are for you:

Chord Progressions

Released in 2005 – The final track on this was actually remixed for Lifeforce as a breaks track but was originally a 4/4 – you’ll pick up on it if you’ve listened to that album.


Released in 2004 – this was my first attempt at a mix of 100% original productions.


Original tracks released as singles.


Level 9


My renditions of some favorites…

Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved


All music here is licensed under an attribution-noncommercial 3.0 creative commons license. That means you can also use it in your YouTube videos, in independent films, or in any creative projects, as long as you adhere to the following guidelines:

You can attribute simply by adding a link somewhere on your work when you publish it digitally to

Permission to use any music here beyond the scope of this license must be attained through contacting me personally.