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Fresh Mix To Kickoff 2013: “New Beginning”

I usually try and create a new mix right around the new year to share some of the new artists I’ve discovered with friends.

I set aside the first day of 2013 to do just that — and found some amazing releases on Beatport that just begged to be mixed. It’s in my usual downtempo /chill out style but a few good moments of energy too.

Download link / tracklist follow:

Adam Singer – New Beginning <–right click, choose ‘save as’ if you’d like to keep the file, otherwise just click to play 


1. Frank Borell – Obsession World (Floating Mix)
2. Evgeny Svalov – Contemplation
3. Alex Savanin – Unlullaby
4. Andrew Lozano – Airport
5. Murya – Carl’s Last Interview
6. Maximilian Lopp – Nothing To Say
7. Minuit – Aotearoa
8. 80s Casual – Makati
9. 80s Casual – U Got Me Going (Adam’s Fatboy Slim Mashup)
10. Jane Maximova – It’s Just As Well
11. Mind Echos feat Jazz Bailey – Sunharbour
12. Renegades of Jazz – Moo Juice (Tom Eno remix)
13. Moshic – Stay Presents To Your Heart
14. The Tapeeaters – Echo
15. Team Ghost – Lonely Lonely Lonely
16. Auditors Domination – Evolution of Cities (Second Sky/Thomas Blondet mix)
17. Foniks – Cardia
18. Van – Rain Blue Sayrosa

This was created in Ableton Live which is the perfect tool for making mixes and getting creative with adding vocals, cutting up different parts of tracks, adding, FX, etc. I still think making mixes on turntables is more fun, but you can do a whole different style in Live which works well for making eclectic downtempo compilations.

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