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No music left to order, am 100% digital now. So it’s all free …but since this was the previous page where you could order a CD of Lifeforce, this is now just a placeholder to grab the digital copy.

Stream below or on SoundCloud here:

Lifeforce Available as free download

Click here to download an mp3 copy of the album.

12 original songs and more than 77 minutes of music.


  1. Influx
  2. Afterthought
  3. Function 5
  4. The Nexus
  5. Jinx
  6. Like That
  7. Faraway
  8. Paths Cross
  9. Water Bridge
  10. Logical Motion
  11. Undiscovered Place
  12. Lifeforce

Album art:

Adam Singer - Lifeforce (album art)

If you really want a CD let me know, I have just a few left.