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New Artist Album “What If” Now Available As Free Download

After ~3 years since releasing my previous album Gradient Sound, I’m excited to have finally completed a new one (my 4th). It’s titled “What If” and it’s available as a free mp3 download (15 original tracks).

If you haven’t heard any of my other productions, my style sits somewhere between electronica, downtempo and melodic. If that’s your thing hopefully this won’t disappoint.

You can stream this album right in your browser below, or directly SoundCloud here. Download options after the jump.

Download link (you may need to right click and choose ‘save as’): Adam Singer – What If

The album is released under a Creative Commons 2.0 license. This means you can not only download for free: you can remix, reuse, and share however you’d like – except for commercial use. As a side note, I’ve had positive results from doing this in the past and even wrote about the experience.

Huge thanks to my friend Greg (known to many of you as Stryke) for the amazing mastering work. He also mastered my 2007 album Lifeforce.

Tracklist follows…

1. Clear Day
2. Frequency
3. Simplify
4. Dissonance
5. Nostalgia
6. Unsaid
7. New Path
8. Karma
9. Static
10. Future Now
11. Open Road
12. Vector Sum
13. Deviate
14. The Switch
15. What If

Cover art credit: Flickr creative commons photographer flyzipper.