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Should I Quit My Dayjob!?

I’m a bit envious – take a look at this guy.

Here’s a clip of the interview with him:

‘This is the big question, isn’t it? Some of the systems I use don’t allow disclosure of actual figures so I won’t break it down or give specifics. It is actually difficult to put a figure on it because each month is different and overall my earnings are still on the rise from month to month. However based on how things are currently going I expect that this year my blogging (across all blogs and income streams) will generate a six figure income ($US).‘

He’s making a 6-figure income just from his blog!  Incredible…I mean clearly he’s been at this blog thing awhile, has a good userbase, and has ads that match the users well enough to generate that kind of revenue. 

Good for him – while a personal blog like I have here may not be something that would generate that kind of funds, maybe if I created a more specific themed blog it could.  I’m considering putting something into action this weekend (just for fun) to see if I can make some extra scratch off of.  I will let you all know how it goes and link you to it when I’ve got a base of an idea going (why not try it, nothing to lose really). 

This specific blog you are reading now is my personal creative journalism outlet, and could never bring in that kind of $, so don’t worry, I would never “sell out” on you on my homepage.  If I do come up with an idea for something else and it does work I’ll let you know here first! 

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  1. My thoughts when I first discovered blogs (not very long ago, unfortunately)…”This is awesome! It’s fun…there’s got to be a way to make money doing this.”

    I see you’ve got your “AdSense” on here now too! Best of luck…and please keep us updated…I’m really interested in how successful it can be!

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