Non-profit electronic musician Adam Singer

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About Adam


Music has been an integral part of my life as long as I can remember. When I was young I sat in front of the piano and played abstract patterns for hours. I’ve been entranced by instrumentals all my life, whether as tracks in video games, jazz performances at coffee shops or attending live electronic music events in my hometown of Miami.

This set the base for my passion in audio production. I always had a unique vision for electronic and jazz music. Initially apprenticed to crafting electronic music by two friends 15 years ago I knew immediately it was something that would become a defining part of me.

My name is Adam Singer, and I play piano/keyboard and am an avid electronic musician, based in San Francisco. My productions tend to be melodic, uplifting and progressive. I love composing albums of original music, as this is the best way I’ve found to express myself creatively. To date, my songs has been downloaded/streamed organically more than 500,000 times, featured in short films/YouTube videos, played at live events and mentioned in several music industry trades. By day I work in technology, write a future trends blog and am a life science and data geek — always striving to find balance in work & art as many of us do. Music is one of the driving forces behind my existence, and I hope everyone out there can find something that provides them as much enjoyment as crafting music does for me.

I am a non-profit, creative commons artist and compose purely out of love of the form of art. All my music is 100% free to download, listen, remix and use however you’d like as long as you provide attribution.

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